074. Little Izzy from Poughkeepsie. Salvatore Difalco

I thought of little Izzy during the lockdown, and her bad ear, if she could hear now after the operation. I wondered if she still hated her dead father, I miss him. What would he have made of 2020? What would he have said to Izzy when her fucked up ear was fixed? Speaking from one side of my mouth, I want to say I miss you Izzy. I miss your frizzy red hair and your big smiley teeth. I miss your freckles. I even miss your very American rudeness. How is Poughkeepsie these days? How is your aunty these days, your daddy’s sister, my ex? I suspect she’s okay, doing well, doing her thing. Tell her, if you see her, if you see this — tell her that I miss her less than her dead brother and less than you, my ex-niece, little Izzy from Poughkeepsie.

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